Pet Services and Dog Walking Haywards Heath

Pet Services and Dog Walking provided by Fluffy Faces, Haywards Heath !


Cats like nothing more than being at home in their snugly beds and safe surroundings and often find a move to a cattery unsettling and upsetting. I will come to your home and my service will include: feeding, cleaning bowls, supplying fresh water, grooming, changing litter trays - and tons of cuddles!

Other Small Animals

Feeding visits are not just restricted to cats. I will come to your home to take loving care of any pet of any variety. I am happy to clean out hutches for rabbits/ guinea pigs, muck out chicken coops and put pets in and out of their runs.

Coming Over To Mine (Small Animals only)

If you would prefer your pet to come and stay with Fluffy Faces I am more than happy to board smaller animals such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats, degu, fish, caged birds, indoor rabbits and guinea pigs.


Dogs love their exercise so if you can't be there for whatever reason rest assured they can still get their daily walk. I'm happy dog walking for an hour. Most importantly, lots of cuddles, love and play are included in the service. To ensure I offer the best care for your dog I normally request to come and meet your fluffy friend before taking them for their first walk.

I also offer a Doggy Day package which includes 2 visits to feed am and pm, lots of love , cuddles, play and a walk too.

I am very flexible and if you only require a home visit for your dog, we can arrange a fee.


We all need to pop out at some point even with a new pup in the home. No worries there I can come and pup sit at your home for an hour to play, feed, cuddle, love and very importantly give those pups the toilet breaks they need.


My rates include the following home services if required: open/close the curtains, turn lights on/off daily, collect post, put bins out and water indoor/outdoor plants. I will even pop a pint of milk in your fridge for a cuppa when you get home.While you are away I can send you a text to let you know all's good and that your pet is in safe hands. I will administer medication to your pet if necessary - and don't worry; your keys will be kept safe in a safe!



1 visit £5 ( 1 or 2 cats )

2 visits £8 ( 1 or 2 cats )

Additional cats £1 per cat

Smaller Animals

1 visit £4 ( 1 or 2 pets )

2 visits £7 ( 1 or 2 pets )

For multiple pet care please contact me to arrange a fee

Boarding at Fluffy Faces

£1 per day per pet for very small pets such as mice, hamsters, rats, birds, fish.

£2 per day per pet for rabbits, degus , guinea pigs, chinchillas.

There are no hard and fast rules at Fluffy Faces, flexibility is key.